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It has been estimated that less than 5% of horseplayers make a consistent profit. Most touts and handicappers do not disclose or even calculate their profits, so it is a safe assumption that the only money they are making is from selling their picks. This website discloses profitability and does not sell its picks.
Mister B has been sharing his Keeneland picks with his friends for years, and now provides you with spot plays and multi-race wagers throughout the Spring and Fall Keeneland meets. He has been a fixture at Keeneland since 1988 and is renowned for digging out the unlikeliest of winners. His lifetime return on investment cannot be mentioned here but will be evident once our FREE subscribers return again and again to obtain his winning picks.
Before Keeneland decided to switch their surface from synthetic back to dirt, he was affectionately referred to as "Prince Polycapper". Now, Mr. K is being forced to rely on his handicapping roots and revert to his ultra-successful days of picking winners in his days before the surface switch in 2006. Mr. K is a second-generation handicapper that has been going to the racetrack for over 40 years. As a lifetime Kentuckian, Mr. K has spent a good part of his life on the Keeneland grounds. Over the years, he is known for cashing in big on what he calls the best play at the track, the Pick 4. You have come to the right place if you want to make some big money at the upcoming meet because Mr K will be giving you FREE Pick 4 plays along with other strong exotic plays right here at
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This website was started as a way to share our picks with friends without clogging up their inboxes and now it has become one of the most trusted sites for reliable picks. You can be confident that will enhance your visit to the most beautiful racetrack in North America.
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"I feel that your site is a must visit daily for any serious horseplayer playing Keeneland. Keep up the good work."
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"I was the hit of my tailgate when I whipped out the picks from your site, thank you!"
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"Dear @keenelandpicks : With your help, I hit 3 exactas and a trifecta at Keeneland today. Much obliged, good folks, much obliged."
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"I won the late Pick-4 today because of Mr. B and Mr. K, thank you!"
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